Invest in Brick and Mortar
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Alamco suggest to most of its clients to have an investment mix which consist of a "Brick and Mortar" investment in Perth Central Business District Apartments PLUS investment of individual interest in Perth.

Luxury Apartments

Perth Central Business Area is in the process of re-development which sees the rise of Luxury Apartments within 2-5 km radius from the high rise buildings of St Georges Terrace Central Business Core area. This is natural choice because of the high return on investment. Through Alamco  you can participate in exclusive joint ventures in Luxury Apartment building. The joint venture structure has this benefits are

  • owner control where the joint venture has majority voice on the project
  • tradable positions whereby the investors can sell their position anytime at any stage in the construction.
  • comfort with establish construction partners
  • comfort the partnership with the bank
  • market demand because of the internal migration of Australians from Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian States to Perth because of the better quality of life and better housing and accommodation.
  • market demand because of the Business Migration from Asia.
  • market demand because of the number of foreign students studying in Perth educational institutions.

Individual Interest Investment

The rationale behind the business migration program of the State of Western Australia is to encourage the infusion of new business skills in the economy. Behind every successful business is the skills of the owner. Alamco explores this skill and find its application on a new Australian environment. As the first step Alamco registers your Australian company in Australia. From here you and Alamco carefully evaluate alternative scenarios of investments applying your individual interest and business skills.

Levels of Risks

Unlike the "Brick and Mortar" investment in the mix, this portion of the individual interest investment attracts a different level of risk and also possibilities of extreme success.