Code of Conduct
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Alamco Partners Guidebook

The following is a protocol of relationships of Alamco Partners and how they collaborate and help each other.

Spirit of friendliness and cooperation

Alamco is an international family of people working in different parts of the world focused on developing business and trade between them in a collaborative and cooperative environment.

As the first step, Alamco envisions convergence of its partners and associates in Perth in line with the government program to encourage business migration. Alamco will help partners establish their business and the application of their expertise in Australia. In the process gaining new knowledge about technologies, products and new knowledge from richness of association with the Alamco the same time enjoying the relaxed quality of life in Perth. 

Reciprocal Business relationship

As a second step, Alamco envisions an import and export back to home cities Australian products, technologies, and projects as a commercial extension of the Perth based business partnership with Alamco and Associates.

Spirit of fairness

Alamco's decisions will be driven primarily with fairness in mind. This is in relation to its customers and partners they be individuals of corporate entities. Alamco works on a project basis. A joint venture or a consortium is normally organized for a project. The due diligence feasibility studies will be the guide in defining the individual contribution to cost and sharing of profits. This will be the basis of legal document to be approved on the project.

Spirit of caution

Alamco's will approach all investment and application of funds with extensive risk analysis. To reduce the element of risk, Alamco will invest only on projects where the stakeholders have proven history of successes. For this reason Alamco will be using as contractors and partners established companies in their respective fields.

Respect for Individual Expertise

Alamco puts great emphasis on the expertise of its clients and partners. In case of business migrants Alamco will like to see the application of their business expertise gained from their home cities applied to Australian business environment. As a safeguard, however, knowing that the new environment may be different, Alamco wants to see investment in  "brick and mortar" (housing, rental properties, commercial building development) to hedge against entrepreneurial risks.