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This section is a value stream hence information is confidential and access only by Alamco Staff. This section contains:

  • Form 1 - Client information form
  • Form 2 - Travel request form
  • Form 3 - Client assessment form
  • Form 4 - Alamco standard service agreement
  • Form 5 - Business Registration application form
  • Form 6 - Tax Invoice Acceptance form
  • reference links to WA government offices

Reference Schedule - Note: Some forms are incorporated in this JV Agreement download. - Alamco Staff, please study publication WA Business and Investment Gateway and supply clients with information.

Western Australian Business and Investment Gateway (BIG) is an internet site of the Department of Trade and Commerce in Western Australia. This site will give you information about. (double-click the above Internet address) 

  • Investing in Western Australia. How to be part of the growth of a strongly performing globally-focused economy, close to Asia
  • Establishing your business in Perth. Ideas, information and assistance for new and existing businesses in Western Australia
  • Locating your business to Western Australia. Take advantage of competitive business costs, a highly skilled and diverse workforce and a world-beating lifestyle in the world's most populous time zone.

Home Page for Australian Immigration Department. Migrating, student, retirement, working visits and visiting.