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Just what is so special about Western Australia?

The state has a wealth of natural resources in mining, agriculture and fisheries which formed a solid foundation for the economy many years ago.

Identifying further opportunities to build on these natural assets has been a top priority. Western Australian businesses now have an excellent reputation as innovative and competitive exporters, offering high quality products, expertise and technological capabilities.

Apart from the opportunities in industry, there is a very highly skilled, productive and cost-efficient workforce. Of the 850,000 strong workforce, almost half have post secondary or tertiary qualifications, and many are multilingual.

More than 450,000 students are catered for in Western Australia's education system, which is made up of five universities, a statewide technical and further education system and public and private schools.

This workforce provides excellent support to industry, and increasingly offers leading-edge solutions in information technology, mining and energy, new media, biotechnology and environmental science.

Add a modern, highly efficient and continually expanding infrastructure, and you have all the materials, equipment and services needed to run an internationally competitive business. Already, businesses from around the world have established themselves in Western Australia because it is an attractive and secure investment location - whether in manufacturing, knowledge-based industries or value-adding service centres.