Retiring Here
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This chair is waiting for you.

The Western Australian government encourages permanent residence here for retirees. 

Preparing for Retirement is inevitable

As sure as the rising sun -- retirement is inevitable. Most people think they do not reach this point in their lives until they comes face to face with the realities of retiring. For questions are How and where will I retire?

Western Australia is the destination for these people who wants to take advantage of the quality life style (European culture, perfect weather, pristine beaches and bush lands and parks, secure) and better quality of lifestyle.

Alamco suggest that you first come check-out Perth Western Australia as a retirement destination. You will find for yourself that same amount of money in USA and Europe can buy you a better house, better recreation, better quality of life, and peace of mind. Alamco can help do the calculations. 

Video on Perth is Available


A 60 minute video about Perth is available from you Alamco contact Est. Cost US$30.00 plus postage.