Transport&Business Cost
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Transport and business costs

To top it all off, Western Australia has extensive freight handling capacity by air, road, rail and sea.

And the advantages are numerous....

  • More than 9,000 trucks travel from the eastern states to Perth each year, and hate going back empty! So, the backloading rates are enticing, and a great way for you to access the whole of Australia cost-effectively. Our state has more than 17,000km of toll free roads, and more than 170 million tonnes of freight are carried on these roads each year.
  • The state's network of 14 seaports, including the major port of Fremantle near Perth, export almost 160 million tonnes of cargo each year.
  • Four million passengers visit Perth International and Domestic airports each year, with 38,000 tonnes of cargo handled. More than 1,150 regular flights operate through the airport each week.
  • Around 200 million tonnes of freight is carried on almost 7,000km of rail track annually.

As far as business costs go, land, offices, warehouses and factories are highly competitive with other locations in Australia and Asia.

Energy, water and sewerage services are also high in quality and low in price, along with electricity and natural gas.

And a cost of living comparison conducted between Perth, Sydney and Singapore showed that Perth performed the best in everything from comparable housing and accommodation to health care and school fees.

Add this to clear blue skies, clean fresh air, white, sandy beaches and a Mediterranean style climate, and you can't go past Western Australia.