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The following information about Western Australia comes from Department of Commerce and Industry. http://www.big.wa.gov.au


Government welcomes investment

Profound structural changes have taken place in Western Australia's economy in the past few years. The changes are producing a widely diversified and internationalised economy closely linked to the economies of nearby Asia.

Minister Cowan Western Australia's Commerce and Trade Minister Hon Hendy Cowan: proud of the State's close cultural and economic ties with Asia
The State's resources industries have grown in sophistication and have led to the development, for example, of infrastructure and service industries to support them. These new industries have taken on world-class dimensions; and have led to a growing demand for an ever more highly skilled and educated workforce, which is being met by an education sector now marketing itself aggressively internationally.

The strong resources sector has itself built on the proximity of the State to Asia. Western Australia's ideal location as a quality source of goods and services has become widely recognised.

All these factors are contributing to Western Australia's status as a quality destination for investment. The State has long provided a favoured location for investment to support its growth. Similarly, Western Australia has attracted skilled people over the years to strengthen its workforce and build its population.

The State is increasingly characterised as a world-class supplier of manufactured goods and traded services to its neighbours and beyond. These exports range from ferries to smart cards, and from pharmaceuticals to construction skills. Much of the impetus for these industries has come from overseas interest.

The Western Australian Government is confident that the State offers an unrivalled environment in which your business can grow and prosper. The Government provides a wide range of information, advice and support for businesses to learn more about Western Australia. It operates 10 offices in key international economic centres around the world. We would be happy to introduce your organisation to major international businesses which have set up manufacturing enterprises or regional headquarters in this State.

This web site will help you to learn more about Western Australia.

Hendy Cowan

By Hon Hendy Cowan, MLA,
Minister for Commerce and Trade