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The size of Western Australia is 1/3 the total land mass of USA; is also 1/3 the total land mass of Australian continent. 

If you are interested to come check out Perth, you can E-Mail us at: perth@alamco.com.au

About Western Australia

Western Australia covers the resource-rich western third of Australia. It is a major world source of a wide range of commodities and is expanding rapidly in the manufacturing and services sectors. The state covers 2.5 million square kilometers, has a population of 1.8 million and a highly educated workforce of 850,000.

Geographically, Western Australia is ideally placed to service the growing economies of Asia and the Indian Ocean rim region with resource materials and valued-added products and services.

A prized international and national tourism destination, Western Australia also has a stable political structure which encourages investment and industrial growth. 

Western Australia is the richest and largest state in Australia. 

  • It has a strong natural resources base, 
  • Strong agricultural base 
  • Highest GNP compared to all Australian States. Growth rate is also the highest. 
  • Business is booming and 
  • Government is encouraging business migration. Government is encouraging retirement migration.
  • Foreigners can own 100% of a company
  • Foreigners can own land and assets freely
  • Rate of return on luxury apartment projects is 35%

Among all Australian States, West Australia is best positioned to do business with Asia populated by more than 3 billion of the 5 billion consumers of the world.

The business center of Western Australia is Perth, the gateway to Asia. It has the same time zone with the major cities of Asia. It cost less by air to go to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Manila, Beijing than to go to Sydney.  Successful businessmen from Asia send their children to study in Perth and take advantage of the State government Business Migration Program. Of British influence and culture, Perth is like Europe in Asia and can provide you a quality life style better than European or American cities can.

Contact Alamco

When you come to Perth for holidays and check out business opportunities, retirement destination or how you position your company to Asia, your contact is Alamco Pty Ltd.  A 60 minute information video about Perth is available from your Alamco contact.

e-mail: perth@alamco.com.au