Why Invest in WA?
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Why Invest in WA?

There's a perfect way to describe Western Australia - and that is accessible.

Western Australia is ideally positioned to access every significant market in Asia, Australia, the Indian Ocean region and beyond, and offers great benefits to businesses trading in the region.

The Indian Ocean region, which includes South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, houses over one-third of the world's population and accounts for one-tenth of world trade. It is rich in natural resources, such as diamonds, tin, iron ore, gas and rare metals.

Western Australia is the closest Australian state to this region, and now accounts for 25 per cent of Australia's exports.

It's close location to the huge markets of Asia also means the state shares the same or similar time zones with them. So when it's 9am in Perth, it's the same time in Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Beijing and Seoul.

That's one major reason that our economy has been the fastest growing in Australia in the last ten years.

Add this to a business environment with well-developed infrastructure, equipment and materials available to service a range of markets, and a world-class workforce to cater for a range of requirements, no wonder you'd look no further.

Stable government and legal systems, and one of the most sophisticated and efficient telecommunications systems in the world, makes the state a reliable, accessible and honest place to invest in.

And as far as lifestyle is concerned, you can't beat the serene and easygoing way of life Western Australians enjoy