Agricultural Exports Service
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Universal Agricultural Export.

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"in the business of selling West Australian agricultural products, technology and investments to the diverse markets of Asia"

Available From Alamco

Live Animal Export

West Australian Buffalo

  • West Australian live goat export by air. We have been flying live goats by air to Malaysia since 1995.
  • West Australian large animal cattle, buffalo export via shipload. App 1,500 min per load.

Special technologies and consulting services strategic in Western Australia.

Other Trading Items are:

  • Live goats, rams, withers, cattle. Live cattle and sheep are delivered by ship from West Australian ports. 
  • WA meat, beef, muttons and goat (halal if required)
  • Feed grains, pulses (beans)  and hay
  • Food grains, pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables
  • West Australian technology transfer e.g. feed lots, abattoirs also animal breeding semen and embryo, cattle ranching, dairy milk production, horticulture, grape and winery. 
  • We will also find agricultural joint venture partner for you.