Bonsai R&D
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R&D:Bonsai Golf
Coconut Bonsai Lab
Japanese Bonsai Lab

Why Bonsai R&D?

Research in this area is important to the total program because they can be used as features in any land development. They can be the centerpiece of a housing subdivision development or a transmigration site as a sub-set of the eco tourism component. Individually each innovation can be a separate business unit, however, they are most viable when combined in one unit.

Putting them all together

Imagine an 18 hole golf course in a 8.6 hectare block with Japanese Garden Design, Japanese Restaurant, a plant nursery selling and renting bonsai plants and dwarf strain coconut (1.5 meters high and bearing fruit already), as an integrated business operation, then you can see 50% of the Bonsai Concept.

 Bonsai R&D consist of the following Projects

  • Innovation in golf-ball - called lazy ball
  • Innovation of golf-course - to reduce the land foot print from 86 hectares to 8.6 hectares. There are two garden designs for the golf course. A Japanese type garden and a tropical type garden. 
  • The tropical theme golf course will be planted with dwarf coconut from the Coconut Bonsai Research Farm. The garden design will be contracted by authentic Hawaiian Garden Designer Joint Venture.
  • Japanese garden theme will be planted with bonsai plants from the Bonsai Garden Research Farm. The garden design will be contracted to authentic Japanese Garden Designers Joint Venture.

The R&D is completed and this concepts are ready for commercialization.