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Alamco is looking for joint venture partners in the MetroBus Project. There is a wide range of partners available and to mention few, Alamco is looking for partners in

  • catamaran manufacture
  • water transport operation
  • reclamation company
  • bank, investor, project funding institutions
  • engineering and design partner
  • environmental protection 
  • land developer
  • high rise apartment builders
  • marina construction and operation


Metro WaterBus Project

MetroBus Project is a Water Transport System using the Pasig River using passenger river boats.

The WaterBus Project was conceptualized in 1988 is now turning to reality because strategic land properties in Manila are now under management of Alamco. This land are the 

  • Guido Property 900 ha Antipolo
  • The Isthmus Property 4.7 ha Manila Bay
  • Round Peak Property 21.0 ha Manila Bay
  • Manila Bay Reclamation 120.0 ha Manila Bay

Together with the Catamaran manufacturing technology available from Perth, the WaterBus Project can now start detailed planning stage.

The WaterBus project utilize the Pasig river for metropolitan passenger transport as an alternative to congested land transport. This is environmentally sound because of the clean-up of waterways and reduction of CO2 pollution. This provides a cheaper, more convenient and faster alternative to the land transport and traffic.

What is the WaterBus Project?

The WaterBus Project involves Metro Manila Operation and Coastal Operation

  • The Metro Manila Operation ply the Pasig River to Laguna Lake with main terminal at Manila Bay.
  • The Coastal operation will ply the Manila Bay to Batangas in the South to Manila Bay to Subic Bay servicing the coastal towns.
  • Ultimately a longer range vessel will service coastal towns of Quezon and Isabela to open new resources areas for transmigration.

Integrated to the WaterBus project is a boat building joint venture to make aluminum hulled catamarans. This technology will come from Western Australia, the Marine State.

The main terminal will be the Pulang Lupa properties consisting of 4.7 hectares land of Isthmus and 21 hectare land of Round Peak expanding to the 120 hectares Manila Bay Reclamation project.

The end terminal of the WaterBus Project is the Guido Property consisting of 900 hectares. The size is sufficient for a full transmigration project. The main industry for Guido is in concept a will technological park for Universities and Learning institutions. This will provide area expansion and growth of Manila Universities and foreign education institutions will also be invited to set-up Universities in Guido. This will become accessible via the WaterBus catamarans plying the Pasig River.

Because the project is very large, the idea is to form business unit consortium or joint ventures. Initially we are looking at:

  • 1 x Land Development Company
  • 1 x Building Company
  • 1 x Reclamation Company
  • 1 x Catamaran Transport Company
  • 1 x Investment Promotion Company
  • 1 x Property Holding Company
  • 1 x Catamaran WaterBus manufacturing Company
  • 1 x Environmental & Phil Government Liaison Company
  • 1 x Bank Partner
  • 1 x Marketing Company

This will be coordinated by Alamco in Perth at the planning and feasibility studies stage and will be Managed from Manila during the implementation and construction stage. 

Development Life Cycle

The development life cycle are:

  1. Acquisition of strategic propertied and rights
  2. Feasibility Studies. 
  3. Broad Design
  4. Detailed Engineering Design
  5. Stages constructions. Priority of construction are the land development in Pulang-Lupa and the Catamaran factory and passenger service.
  6. Stages Production Operation