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This publication, "Transmigration to Engineered Communities" is written by  Napoleon Toquero, Jan 1, 1999. If you are visiting us for the first time please mouse click this --> How to navigate this site.

This website has 2 Parts

PART 1 - inform about the concept of transmigration and inform about the process of designing the transmigration model. You are now inside PART 1.

PART 2 - discuss details about specific transmigration projects and sites in the Philippines. Part 2 is proprietary in nature and is still in the process of being finalized. You need a PROJECT PASSWORD to enter this area.

This particular page will state the corporate Mission, the Objective, the Idea and What is Next and what is New.

Our Mission

There are two important missions of Mahkita: social care and commercial in that order of priority. These two objectives are accomplished in Transmigration.

Main Objective of Transmigration

Transmigration is about creating new communities in remote sites and populating it. These communities are nucleus of brand new industrial towns and cities to emerge in the Philippine countryside.

Whose idea?

Transmigration = Natural Resources Set + Technology Set + People

The transmigration idea is the result of 30 years of exploration experience in remote mineral and natural resources rich areas in the Philippines by Levy C. Toquero. This part forms the NATURAL RESOURCES SET. Another 20 years were spent to observe and  identify the technologies appropriate for the resources by his brother, Napoleon C. Toquero. This part forms the TECHNOLOGY SET. Work in the technology set includes agreement in principle with companies to joint venture, consortium or cooperate in technology transfer.

Now What's next?

Planning phase is complete. Implementation of the Transmigration Idea is the next step. This where Victoria Rivera and Antonio Castro comes into the picture. For individuals and companies seeking to participate in the transmigration venture, there are 20 projects integrated in the Philippine Transmigration Project providing new opportunities of involvement and investment to companies and individuals.

Attention Filipino Residing Abroad

Your ideas and what you have to say are important to us. This is an opportunity to give something in return to your country in terms of suggestions how to enhance the Philippine economy and society. This also opens new opportunities in retirement, eco-tourism and other business opportunities and investment.

What's New

4 Dec 98 - This site is first published on this date.

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