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Preferred House Unit Contractor

The preferred House Unit Contractor (PHUC) has developed the state of the art construction technology and production processes producing pre-cast panels and housing elements whereby it replaces the used of traditional hollow blocks or cement slab construction materials. This technology is patented with the Philippine patent office. The technology is innovative and most economical in construction of low-cost housing and medium high-rise structures without sacrifice to quality and architectural design.

The materials comes in the form of FILCEMBOARD and MOLDICRETE panels and housing element saving 30% to 50% of materials normally consumed by concrete block which is normally wasted. Both materials are accepted by the HIGC (Home Guarantee Insurance Corporation). The production plant for Housing Element located in Angeles, Pampanga has the capacity to erect ten (10) houses per day.

The company is a duly registered as Category “A” General Builder license since 1997 with the Philippine Contractor Accreditation Board (PCAB). Its complies with the standards of HIGC for guarantee purposes.

Preferred House Material


The preferred material is the MOLDICRETE panel. The MODICRETE Panel house unit-building element is a modular precision pre-cast concrete slab. Made of 100% concrete ordinary Portland cement, water, sand and gravel. Pre-formulated mixture for its required strength and it is ideal for load bearing structures such as flooring, stairs, roof, exterior and interior walls.

The MOLDICRETE PANEL and element design are cavity type structure that has 2 inches thick skin slab incorporated with harmonized protruded trapezoid shape ridge of 4, 6, 8-10 and 12 inches, vertical horizontal form that are interconnected to each other. Both holes are provided at the perimeter ribs of the panel and element. The electrical conduit and plumbing pipes are pre-set into the panel during the casting process. The panels are manufactured on standard sizes of 1.2 MW x 2.6 MH, 3.1 MW x 2.6 MH, 2.4 MW x 2.6 MH, and 2.6 MW x 2.6 MH.  The panel sizes, however, can be produced according to the customer specification.

A mould process ensuring precision on size produces MOLDICRETE PANELS. The battery mould process enhances the curing time of both panel and elements by trapping the heat moisture generated by concrete during hydration stage which achieves a high early strength concrete panel slab. The panels are re-enforced with high tensile grade steel bars. Special design casting plant can be located on project site.  The MOLDICRETE construction system ensures high quality, precision fit walls and shortens construction period.

Why MOLDICRETE Technology cost less

The cost of MODICRETE panel and elements coupled with the speed of erection can result in a 30% to 40% savings when compared to traditional building construction. The accuracy of production and mould surface reduced rendering and finishing required.

  1. Fast construction time reducing the gestation period
  2. Precision panel connections producing a quality product
  3. Easy to set-up requiring low skill and low experience construction crew
  4. Reduces construction cost and financial cost because of the quick turnaround
  5. Acceptable by buyers because it is concrete based produce
  6. Acceptable by banks for financing because it is of traditional concrete materials

Why MOLDICRETE is quality?

The use of reinforced high-grade concrete insures strength, longevity and permanency. No external rendering or internal plastering of cracks is required. No timber used in the structural design of building, thereby enhancing long-term durability.  The structure is rated Zone 3 of the California Code of Seismic Design. Exceed Philippine requirement for typhoon proofing. Accepted by HIGC (Home Insurance Guarantee Corporation) for Pag-ibig, GSIS and SSS funding.

The accuracy of Panel production by means of steel moulds assures uniformity of quality and finish. The system ensures customer satisfaction. The quality of product reduces maintenance cost.

Concrete Specification

  • Compressive Strength fc’=34.42 mpa (5,000 psi); fc’=27.53 Mpa (4,000 psi)’ fc’ = 20.65 Mpa (3,000 psi)
  • Sheet Strenth: Vc= 8.80 Kn (5,000 psi); Vc = 7.78 Kn (4,000 psi); Vc = 6.82 Kn (3,000 psi)
  • Modulus of Elasticity: e= w33 fc’; w = normal weight of concrete

Reinforcement Specification

  • Deformed Bars: fy = 413.00 Mpa (60 ksi); fy = 275.33 Mpa (40 ksi)
  • Electric Welded Wire Fabric: (ASTM a –185); fy = 413.00 Mpa (60 ksi); fy = 275.33 Mpa (40 ksi)

Codes and Reference

  • National Structure Code of the Philippines (NSCP)
  • American Institute of Concrete (AIC)
  • American Standard Testing Material (ASTM)


This is composite compressed fibreboard manufactured according to standard as replacement of plywood, lumber wood for exterior & interior walling and ceiling. The board has fire retardant, thermal insulation and soundproof capability.