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Resume' Summary

  • Current Studies: Masters of Business (Electronic Commerce)
  • Completed: Grad.Dip.Bus.Computing, BSBA Management, B.Bus.Management
  • Jobs: Internet\Intranet development, Strategic Corporate Planner, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Programmer
  • Area of Research: Management: WIS (Web Information Systems), BPR, SAP, Re-engineering, Virtual Corporation\Organization, Cyber Corporation, Working Virtual, Virtual Communities, Consortium, Joint Ventures, Agile Network. Technical: ASP extraction from legacy databases, XML, ePublication, HTML, VB6, TCP/IP Technology.
  • Member of Curtin ecnVirtual Community. Developer and Webmaster for this site.

Electronic Commerce

  • Current Research Paper: EC504 - WIS Methodology and Applications. WIS means Web Information System. It is the development of the Web Pages into full blown electronic commerce applications. In a way, it is an enterprise-wide Management Information System (MIS) using the Internet Communication Infrastructure. Involves Business to Customer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), Internet, Intranet, Extranet applications.

  • Current Project - CMC - Development of an application in WIS. Starts with inventory of data in an enterprise, normalising the data stores in preparation as backend-databases for a WIS application. The WIS system also acts as an integrator for three legacy databases that at present cannot talk to each other. WIS connects by ODO\ODBC to these databases. The WIS system enable the legacy databases share and synchronize data held. The WIS also acts as data entry point for the databases.

  • Completed 30 May 1999 - Database integration and data store normalisation Statistical and Enrolment application. This database is linked via ODBC to a legacy database (called CMIS) of students and enrolment.

  • Completed 15 March 1999 - Publication of a 100MB very large document in the Intranet using TOC Technology for easy navigation. This is an eBook, eManual Web Publication. This link takes you to a demonstration of TOC Technology.

  • Completed 1 Jan 1998 - Intranet e-publication of monthly crime and traffic statistics, in ASP using ADO and ODBC to connect to legacy databases and developing Website standards.

  • Completed 1 Sept 1998 -  Mahkita Intranet. Developing strategic corporate plans published is secure Internet. This secure Internet coordinate stakeholders working in different country locations.

  • Research Article on Cybercorporation. Every corporate organisation has to re-engineer towards a cybercorporation model. This article analise the characteristics of Cybercorporations.

Jobs before

  • 1987-1997 - Turnkey Systems Development from idea to production.
  • 1980-1985 - Organize joint ventures in power generation and mining projects. Projects in the Philippines, Peoples Republic of China, U.K., U.S.A., South Korea, Belgium and Republic of India.
  • 1975-1980 - Corporate strategic planner for Philippine mining and exploration companies.
  • 1968 -1975 -COBOL programmer, then systems analyst and business analyst, for Singer Business Machine and ICL

Detailed Resume'

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  3. Mobile Phone: 041-613-0838 Home Phone: (08) 9248-1504 a/h
  4. Office Phone: (08) 9427 2409