About Alamco
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Alamco Structure

Alamco is based in Perth Western Australia. Alamco is a company organized for the new century. Unlike traditional companies, Alamco is based on Cybercorporation Structure.

Rather than hire employees for example, Alamco engage in partnering with a number of companies or individuals to complete the value chain to provide an integrated service to a client needs. These companies or individuals are the best in their field ensuring the best service possible.

Rather then engage in competition, Alamco engage in consolidation into a consortium or joint venture whereby traditionally competing companies collaborate to supply an export demand or to undertake a project. This could have been not possible if the companies are working individually. Alamco sees itself as the vehicle and facilitator for companies to cooperate and collaborate to create a new synergy which is beneficial to everyone.

Business Migration

Alamco is based in Perth, Western Australia (WA) the "Gateway to Asia". WA is a source of technologies and products appropriate for the Asian market place. With its peaceful and top quality of life, it is a natural destination for business migration. In addition, Western Australia welcomes business migrants for their capital and their business skills. This skills are needed in the long term to create business in a State which is 1/3 the size of USA with only 2 million population. These combined factors made Alamco's business migration service very successful. It brought new companies and new resources to Western Australian which Alamco now manages.

Your Company Principle

Alamco has high regards to the business skills of its clients, having already proven these skills in current businesses. It is a standard procedure to register an Australian company for each client. They have majority ownership with full executive control. Alamco provide support in the Administration of these companies as well as local knowledge of the Australian business environment. The executive skills of the business migrant supported by Alamco steers this company in the new Australian environment.