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Simply E-mail to:

Thank you for visiting Alamco site and your interest in Perth and Western Australia. If the idea of setting-up your business operation here now or in the future appeals to you, we would like to offer you a FREE preliminary assessment service.

For the assessment to be meaningful our consultants need information: 

  • About your Company: Your main company and its line of business. Brief note of what industry, what it does, number of employees, turnover, assets and others. Alamco business consultants will tell you how it fits in WA Business landscape.
  • About Family Accommodation: Brief note about you and your family. No of children, ages, school requirements, housing requirement, number of rooms, estimated funds allocated to buy a house. Our real estate and valuer group will tell you the suburb you can live in. Proximity to beach and amenities. Annual increase of property value in this area etc.
  • About Investment: Brief note of how much foreign investment you intended to being to Australia. Ideas on what sector you want to invest if any. Our business consultants will tell you the average return and also recommend alternative investments with better returns.
  • About your schedule: Brief note when you intend to come and visit Perth if at all, how many days, what you intend to do. Our travel consultants and business consultants will tell how much it cost to stay in Perth for the duration, where you can stay, where you can go, and people to meet.



Omar Abdullah

Managing Director