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Alamco Chairman 

Alamco is the brainchild of Napoleon Toquero. It is result of many years experience in business development and organizing international consortium in the resource and power generation industry. He has done work in USA, Philippines, Peoples Republic of China, South Korea, Germany, India, Belgium and United Kingdom. He migrated to Australia in 1986 with a wife and 4 children. Two of sons are now managing Alamco, helping others migrate their business to Australia.

Academic and Business Background

Napoleon graduated from the University of the Philippines in 1967 in Management and Business. From University, he is one of the first generation to get involved in computer programming, systems analysis and turnkey systems development in IBM mainframe environment. He later started a computer consulting company with brother Levy, which serviced the mining and oil industry. In 1973 oil crisis, they decided to venture into coal exploration which resulted to the discovery of a large coal basin in the Philippines. The project is a 300 MW power plant costing million which requires the organization of a consortium. In 1975 Napoleon was already engaged in organizing international consortia and managing the consortium projects. This same skills and experience now formed part of Alamco services.

Australian Migration

Political and peace and order instability in the Philippines forced the family to migrate to Australia in 1986. Napoleon continued his interest in computing in Australia and completed Post Graduate Degree in Computing in 1992 specializing in Business Analysis and Turnkey development of Systems. He developed systems for WA State Treasury, WA Police Service, WA Education Department and others. In 1998 at the start of electronic commerce generation, Napoleon entered the Masters of Business in Electronic Commerce program of Curtin University of Technology. His line of expertise is the study of impact of Electronic Commerce on business and the required changes in the corporate structures to make the best of the new technology. He specialize in studying the researching the Cybercorporation. This knowledge is now available to Alamco and to managed companies.

Rare Combination of Skill Sets

The fusion of business academic background, business experience in organizing consortia in many countries, migration to Australian business environment, a living example of the Australian migration success story, academic and experience in current technologies in computing and electronic commerce is the qualification for a Chairman in a Cybercorporation like Alamco. This rare combination in skill sets is found in its Chairman,  Napoleon Toquero.

Fresh Start for Next Generation

Succession planning is an important issue for a corporate body. Alamco suggest to all its client to start open a new subsidiary company in this new land of opportunity (Western Australia). This new company will have Cybercorporation character to cope with the new century. Alamco can make this possible for you.