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Agriculture and Aquaculture

Alamco will be shipping live Western Australian sheep to Jordan in 2001.

There is interest to trial shipment by air of live West Australian goats for breeding. The recommended breed is the South African Boer Cross with West Australian Wild goats. This is meat and dairy goat breed to survive the toughest conditions. 
There is interest from Thailand partners to develop yabbies test farm near Bangkok. 
A Perth based Italian land group has offered Alamco the use of 800 acres family farm in Bunbury, Western Australia to trial the coconut bonsai nursery and to conduct the adoptability testing of the 15 coconut bonsai strain. The coconut will be planted along the 2 kilometer coastal stretch of the property. The same group has offered Alamco the use of 20 acre property in Carrabuda, Wanneroo for the same purpose.
Philippine Low Cost Housing

Alamco will build display homes in Manila in relation to a construction deal with two Perth based companies getting into low cost housing in the Philippines. This project is done under the Alamco and SAHTI cooperation. SAHTI has he contract to build 160,000 houses for the Philippine Arm forces. SAHTI manufactures a cement based tilt-up components for its housing projects. The cooperation with SAHTI includes the export of this proprietary technology to Western Australia.